First Post

Hi, my name is Anna and this is my first ever post on a blog. I have had the feeling of starting a blog for several times now, but never had the courage to actually start one. What can be interesting enough to keep people interested in whatever I post.

But one day after looking for a nice vegetarian dish I had to cook for a pot luck dinner, I came across my first foodblog. And after sniffing around on that blog, I found the links section and via that the big online community of food bloggers. Lots and lots of people that, like me, enjoy cooking and trying out new food.

Before that day I liked collecting recipe's out of (food) magazines, but never cooked them. Most of them are still on a pile waiting to be cooked. Most of the times I cooked either the traditional dinner: potatoes, veggies and meat or fixed me and my boyfriend a stir-fry. But since the day I found that food blog I have been more adventurous and trying out lots of new recipe's, herbs, spices and even techniques. This blog will tell you the story of my adventures in and around the kitchen.


  1. Hi, Anna.
    I liked this very first post of yours. You kept the whole thing. I mean, that's exactly what one feels when starting a blog. At least it was what I felt.

  2. Hi....I know,it took me almost a year to get my blog up and running! Now I'm addicted...and I also live in the Netherlands!!!!!!!